A home for all your musical groups

Quartz is an app for people who make music with others. If you're in a band, a barbershop quartet, a chamber choir, a skiffle group, or something completely different, Quartz will keep you and your group organised.

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Everything your groups need

  • Mobile first

    Designed to work best on your mobile devices, including your iPad or tablet.

  • Music Library

    Keep all of your music resources, including sheet music, guide and learning tracks, and your own recordings.

  • Rehearsal Planner

    Now, everyone can come to every rehearsal fully prepared. Add rehearsal dates and venues, share your plans, and post recordings.

  • Performance Schedule

    No more questions about when to arrive, what to wear, or what's on the set list.

  • Cross-device sync

    Install Quartz on your phone and tablet and sign in. All your stuff syncs, automagically.

  • Cloud backup

    Never lose anything, ever again.

  • Cross-platform

    Works on iOS and Android devices. Other apps coming soon.

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

  • Starter

    Create or join a single group on Quartz. Free forever.
  • Plus

    Create and join unlimited groups. No setup fees or hidden costs.

Built with ❤️ in 🇬🇧

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    Peter Bryant

    I've been an amateur musician for as long as I can remember, and I'm now a professional software engineer.

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